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For almost 30 years now, Laurend'eau Solar Pool Heater has installed hundreds of solar heating systems for in-ground and above-ground pools and for both applications, residential and commercial. Take a look at some of our various solar heat collector installations. Entirely designed and manufactured in Quebec.

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The solar heating system for an outdoor pools is very simple. It is achieve by sending the cold water from the pool to the solar heat collectors by means of the filtration system pump.  As soon the temperature differential between the pool water and the heat collectors is sufficient, the automatic control will switch the water flow to the heaters circuit to ensure optimal performance of your CPSL solar pool heater.




With solar heat panels from CPSL Solar pool heating system, you are using a solution totally ecological to heat the water of your swimming pool and keep it warm. It uses the heat of the sun: renewable energy, free and taxes free. Entirely designed and manufactured in Québec.

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